Since 1982, Father John Campoli has conducted healing Masses, Retreats, Parish Missions and Days of Recollection in the United States, England, Ireland, Trinidad, Belize and the Middle East.

A priest of the Voluntas Dei Institute was ordained in 1970 for the Diocese of Trenton, New Jersey. Father holds a Master’s degree in Theology from Mount St. Mary’s Seminary, Emmitsburg, Maryland and has pursued post-graduate studies in Liturgy at Catholic University. From 1970 until 1991, he served the Diocese as parochial vicar and pastor in several parishes as well as being the Diocesan Director of Liturgy for ten years.

In 1991, Father felt a call to a more consecrated life and with the bishop’s permission left the diocese to join Voluntas Dei a Secular Institute of Pontifical Rite. He is a priest in good standing in the Voluntas Dei Institute. As a member of the Institute, he has successfully completed its Safe Environment Program and the criminal background checks as mandated by the Dallas Charter.

For over thirty years Father Campoli has been involved in both Renewal and the Healing Ministry. He is the author of several books and has appeared both on television and radio. In addition to having produced an extensive series of CD’s on healing and spirituality he has written many articles for newspapers and magazines. Father John celebrates a Sunday Mass each week which is available on YouTube and Facebook

When Father Campoli is asked to give a brief summary of the objectives of the Ministry, he would say that he tries to bring people to an understanding that “God is love, love is mercy, mercy is forgiveness and forgiveness heals.”

Father Campoli is available for
Parish Missions.

Contact info:

Rev. John Campoli, i.v.dei

PO Box 1951

Brick, NJ 08723