God loves us unconditionally. When we live our lives with that knowledge, surrounded by family, friends and our faith, we can overcome any challenge, even the grief of losing a loved one. Losing someone is difficult, no matter how long ago it might have happened. It makes us confront the reality that life is fragile. I ask God to comfort you and fill you with his peace. Loss is a part of every human life, touching every human heart. This is never truer than in the loss of a loved one when we discover in the darkness the depth of true love…and true loss. For people of faith, we are called to a deep love of those who have gone before us.   November is a time to remember those who have died. It is a time to remember their goodness and how they enriched our lives. It is a time to be grateful. What better way to show your love for our dear departed loved ones than to have them remembered in the holy sacrifice of the Mass. You are invited to send me the names of your deceased loved ones so that they can be included in our month of prayer. Their names will be placed in our Book of Remembrance and placed on the altar during Mass for the entire month of November to be remembered in all the Masses I celebrate.   Any donation you wish to make would be greatly appreciated. You may donate by credit card by clicking the link on the form or by mailing the names and donation to His Love Ministries, PO Box 1951, Brick, NJ 08723.